and what happened to Little Crane??

Relax friends. The Little Crane Cafe has made a few needed changes over the past year to weather the pandemic but, despite the rumors and confusion, it's still the same owners and same great food!


We recognized early on in the shut-down that Little Crane would not survive if we didn't take steps to adapt to what was happening to the food & beverage industry and world at large. Understanding the labor and supply chain shortages would not improve as fast as needed, we altered our style of service and operations in order to insulate us. To diversify and reach a broader customer base, we added a Grab & Go program, curbside service and retail shopping. Finally, we learned being flexible in face of all the chaos was our best weapon in getting our business through the hard times. 

Ultimately, we renamed the business LC Market in June of 2020 to reflect this major transition. It was a nice blend of the old and new while retaining our nickname for the Little Crane (LC). For us it signified the closing of one chapter and start of a new. 


Although we have made adjustments, LC Market continues to evolve and grow. For example, 6 months ago we didn't think indoor dining would be feasible for us given our space and staffing constraints. Yet here we are with a small dining area once again! It may not be giant leaps but as we navigate a post-pandemic era we prefer baby steps and hopeful caution.    


 What will never change is our continued commitment to serving quality food and providing excellent service. That has been a guiding force to the LC, old and new, since 2004.


We appreciate your continued support and valuable input. 

Terry & Andrea Lea Parrish  (the same owners)